Private lessons

Absolutely ! Our passionate chefs are open to sharing their knowledge and their SKILLS in terms of ecological transition and plant-based food with individuals and businesses.

For individuals interested in a more environmentally friendly diet, we offer culinary workshops and training sessions.

During these sessions, we share our techniques, tips and recipes for cooking gourmet and balanced vegan dishes. We emphasize the use of nutritious plant ingredients, the substitution of animal products and the enhancement of the natural flavors of foods. In addition, we also address environmental issues related to the food industry and we share practical tips to reduce the carbon footprint in everyday cooking.

Traiteur Kevin Lejade (CHEFKO) donnant un cours de cuisine avec des enfants et parents
Traiteur Kevin Lejade (CHEFKO) donnant un cours de cuisine à des enfants
Photo de Kevin Lejade (CHEFKO)


For companies wishing to undertake a transition to more sustainable food practices, our company offers consultations and training tailored to your specific needs and your eco-responsible transition.

We collaborate with your kitchen teams to develop creative and balanced vegetarian or vegan menus, while respecting the preferences and dietary requirements of customers. We also advise you on the selection of local and sustainable suppliers, the management of food waste and the optimization of resources.

Our leader Kevin LEJADE is determined to encourage and support individuals and businesses in their transition to lifestyles and food practices that are more respectful of the planet. He believes in the importance of sharing his knowledge and making a positive difference in society by inspiring change towards plant-based and ecological food.

Photo de dessert chocolat
Photo de Kevin Lejade (CHEFKO)
Desserts par Kevin Lejade (CHEFKO)

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